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Divyayan KrishiVigyan Kendra, Ranchi was started in 1977, since then it is well known in Jharkhand and throughout the country for its multifarious rural and tribal development activities in the far flung areas of Ranchi and adjoining districts like Ramgarh and Khunti in the field of agriculture. Divyayan KrishiVigyan Kendra with its approach of holistic development of farming community is dedicated to provide technical backstopping in convergence with other development programmes for welfare of rural people since 1977. Activities were undertaken and executed successfully toward achieving goal of creating awareness on scientific agriculture and animal husbandry with focus on integrated intensive organic farming system among the resource poor tribal communities. Divyayan KVK has been striving to achieve the four zero goals viz.

i)    Zero conventional energy use - by installing solar panels to generate 10kilo watt power, Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Lighting System and gobar gas plant.

ii)    Zero water loss - goal being achieved through establishment of water harvesting structures in Divyayan KVK farm.

iii)    Zero chemical uses - use of chemicals in KVK farm has been replaced by organic fertilizers and pesticides.

iv)    Zero plastic zone - Goal being achieved through banning the use of plastic in KVK farm.

Divyayan KVK has been continuing its regular activities like long duration residential skill development training for rural youth, conducting on farm trials (OFT) and front line demonstration (FLD) for assessing, refining and disseminating technologies, organizing field days, farmers scientist interaction, kisanmelas, animal health camp, workshops and other extension programmes successfully for enhancement of agricultural productivity & profitability and for upliftment of farming community with special emphasis on organic farming.


Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, DivyayanKrishiVigyan Kendra is located at Morabadi in the heart of Ranchi district, the capital city of Jharkhand. Mainly it is a tribal dominated area. It is well connected with different type of communication

The distance from Ranchi Railway station is 8 km, Birsa Munda Airport is about 15 km and from Ranchi bus stand it is about 5 km.

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Director's Message

Meet the Scientists

सफलतम कहानी

Tapendra Mahto was the founder of Vivekananda Seva Sangh Organisation in his village. He worked as president of village for several years. Now the organisation is working well for the development of village under supervision of Divyayan Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Morabadi. Presently he is a member of the organisation.

Sri Tapendra Mahto aged 38 years is the resident of a small beautiful village besides hilly areas of Ranchi situated in Ramgarh district. He has one small brother and two sisters. Sisters are already married and living happily, with their family. Tapendra Mahto was having a land of more than 10 acres area , but he along with his father were able to grow only upland paddy and sweet potato on this land . Growing only two crops annually by traditional method does not provided sufficient income for leading a family of 6 members. So, his family was suffering from financial crisis. He has completed his education up to Intermediate, but the critical situation of family compelled him to drop out education and face the battlefield of life. In this situation, Tapendra heard about Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama and KVK Training Programmes. He got linked with it and received training from kvk . Intervention of KVK, his personal efforts strong determination and hard labour guided him to choose right path and ultimately he became able to fetch more income from farming and animals husbandry Sector which transformed his life fully.

PREVIOUS STATUS OF FARMER : Few years back, Shri Tapendra Mahto was a traditional farmer, who could not continue his education due to financial problems of family. He was practicing farming and animals rearing work only by the traditional knowledge which he learned from his father and villagers. The income earned was very meagre and not sufficient for the family.

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Recent News

Regional Kisan Mela - 2018-19

Like every year this year the Ashrama has conducted 4 Regional Kisan Mela and all the Melas were keenly participated by the farmers of the respective locality. The objectives of organizing these Kisan Melas were to demonstrate latest agricultural technologies to the farmers as well as to the extension workers for increasing production and productivity of the farming community. So through these Farmers’ fairs dissemination of technologies through exhibition and farmer scientist interactions were carried out. All the fairs were able to achieve a good number of participation of farmers from different villages of the same Block. On and average every fair received around 437 nos. of exhibits on different agronomical & horticultural crop, animals, birds, handy craft, cottage industry etc.

Central Kisan Mela Report - 2019

Organic farming is a traditional and effective farming system which is very popular now days. After a tumultuous use of chemical fertilizers during the periods of green revolution in most of the parts of the world, people have come to realize that constant use of fertilizers do harm in the long run. For protecting the human wellbeing and health of soil, organic farming is one of the best methods. Hence, for the promoting the organic farming and emerging new technologies into the farming system, two days Central Kisan Mela (07Feb'19 to 08Feb'19) was organized in Getalsud Farm, Block Angara, Ranchi District by the joint collaboration of Ramakrishna Mission and Vivekananda Seva Sangha of Angara Block. In line with the Government scheme that is “Doubling the farmers' income”, the theme of the Mela was जैविक कृषि अपनाएँ-आय दोगुनी बढ़ाएँ। The Mela was mainly sponsored by National Bank for agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Ranchi.

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